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22nd April 2021

EN PRIMEUR 2020 - Diary Day 2

To Château de Malleret, a beautifully revitalised and restored property in the Médoc, although with 3.5ha in Margaux. Here to taste a comprehensive range (circa 50) of properties from across the region represented by OZCO.

Continuing the discovery that - despite its incredibly different meteorological challenges - the 2020 vintage wines resemble those of 2016 in the bottle in both style and quality.

After a lovely lunch discover the ‘horse therapy’ part of the property. When someone else first mentioned this I thought it was probably a way for people to rejuvenate mind and body by being in equine company. But no. It is actually a complete spa and pampering centre - for horses. And some of the most beautiful and content horses I have seen, too.

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