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30th April 2021

EN PRIMEUR 2020 - Diary Day 10

Last day in Bordeaux!
First a welcome stop at the fabulous Les Carmes Haut Brion with Guillaume Pouthier explaining to me his seemingly unique philosophy, and then pouring wines to prove its success.

Then a drive up too the Médoc to the beautiful Château Belgrave, which is a Grand Cru Classé that is Haut Médoc in name and St Julien in breeding where the grand CVBG tasting allowed me to fill in almost all of the gaps in the notes. The sun came out, and plenty of the wines shone too.
Lots of proofreading and writing to go but my report is already taking shape.

A convivial evening with Jane and Francis Anson and friends in the city (obviously the Champagne consumed was a professional tasting, from a curfew attestation point of view, Monsieur Gendarme) - lovely way to round off a successful visit. Santé

It’s been a great 10 days in Bordeaux.

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