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12th February 2019

Seckinger and see!

The Seckinger winery is relatively new, founded in 2012 by Andrea and Josef, whose family had until then been growers and sellers of grapes. Now the business is passing into the hands of their four sons (well, three of them so because the youngest, Simon, is 14 and still at school!), with Jonas, Philipp and Lukas taking over the production, sales and marketing of an extraordinarily diverse range of wines. They started with just 5000 bottles, but now make over 100,000, all from their own fruit, and they no longer sell any grapes.
They are based in the small village of Neiderkirchen, just outside Deidesheim in the Pfalz. We were treated to a tasting of wines over a wonderful "Palatinate" dinner prepared by Andrea, of sausages, dumplings potatoes and sauerkraut - perfect for a winter's evening. Jonas is the winemaker, a spirited and enthusiastic member of 'Generation Riesling' , a new initiative for young German winemakers to speak to the world via their wines.

Pinot Rosé Brut Nature
No additives. Brut Nature, no sulfur. 8mnths barrel for base wine, wild yeast. 14mnths on lees. Last two bottles(!)
Pale orange colour. Very fresh and fruity watermelon aromas. No greenness. Dry fruity finish. 16.5

Riesling Vom Loss 2017 Gutswein
Lime, lemongrass and leaf aromas. Some elderflower. Fresh, not complex, but fruity and easy to drink 14.5

Riesling Deidesheim 2017 Ortswein
Much deeper and more complex with rich lime and straw fruit aromas. Fresh mouthfilling finish. 16

Sauvignon Blanc Deidesheim 2017 Ortswein
Much more Loire style than vibrant fruity. Fresh linear and precise. Relatively soft acidity on the finish. 15

Chardonnay R 2018 Ruppertsberg Barrel Sample. All Natural.
(Technically a Landwein)
A little cloudy and some wild apple and miso aromas. All the hallmarks of its style. Some flint and baked apple fruit. Plenty phenolic. Yeasty and phenolic. Still2g/L sugar remaining, may re-start fermentation naturally prior to bottling.
An excellent example of its kind. 15.5

Weißburgunder Bundsandstein 2017
100% older French oak
Some soft oak aromas, stone fruit. A little mineral and earth. Rich and mouthfilling with ripe green fruit of melon and pear. Full flavoured and delicious. Long finish. 17

Riesling Langenmorgen 2016 Erste Lage
Very rich deep extract. Smells like it might be sweet with its depth of lime and straw. Bone dry and rich with pear and juicy peach extract. Very complex finish. Really good. 17.5

Riesling Älberg 2016 Erste Lage
A little more chalky/saline than the above. Rich lime marmalade fruit aromas. Slightly fresher and more sinewey than the Langenmorgan. Linear crystalline finish. Very good. 17.5

Riesling Kieselberg 2017 Erste Lage
Slatey and dry mineral aromas. Lime leaf and grapefruit pith. Intense and dry extract with concentrated lime and straw aromas. Very long finish. 17

Stufe 2 Ruppertsberg Reiterpfad 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon Trocken
Earthy and dried leaf black fruit aromas. Some tar and briar. Sweet black fruit. Chocolate powder (oak?) on the finish. Good and atypical, lots of oak flavours (all used oak apparently). Dusty sweet fruit finish. 16



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