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26th May 2014

Monaco Grand Prix 2014

Monaco Grand Prix 2014

Had a smashing day yesterday courtesy of Fraser Yachts (whose offices overlook a part if the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, immediately opposite Rascasse) and Vins Sans Frontières, who supplied the wine, and for whom I work!

Sadly, I was driving myself so had to limit the alcohol intake, but as part of the merriment, I did have a glass of Champagne, the consistently excellent Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV. It now has rather sophisticated new packaging 'habillage' as it is called in French, with an understated silver label - very classy and as far removed from the slightly blingy packaging that it sported ten years ago, and its stable-mate, the fabulous Cristal still does (and I suspect always will).
The wine is full of hazelnut and pastry aromas with fresh baked fruit, apple and hints of spice, like a dry extract of apple strudel. Absolutely delicious, supremely well balanced without being too crisp, or too rich. A delicate balancing act, masterfully achieved. Roederer has always been one of the best NV Grande Marque Champagnes, and on the evidence of this, they have every intention of keeping it that way.

Most of the race itself was the usual dull procession, with the three drivers finishing first being the same as the three who started first, although only because Vettel and Raikonen lost out after having managed to get ahead - a rare feat on the narrow track of Monaco. It only gets away with it by being one of the most fantastic atmospheres of any sporting event - the whole principality alight with high spirits and smiling people. Well, except for the rift between team-mates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg which you could cut with a knife, even from a distance. Still, a bit of feuding is what has always made F1 interesting, and with one car/constructor so far in the lead it should make the season more interesting.


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