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9th May 2014

Blog le Premier

Here we go!

Excitement and nervousness go together, and nothing seems to offer quite so much of both as setting up a new business, especially if you decide to leave a well paid and enjoyable job to do so. And particularly in France, where the bureaucracy involved can feel as futile and dispiriting as constructing a boat from papier-mâché made of €500 notes and then setting fire to it.

But for me, the Riviera Wine Academy is the result of years of dreaming. I love wine - as I hope you can tell - and I love communicating my love of it to others. I am not a wine snob, because I love inexpensive wines just as much as I do the top notch fine wines that it is my privilege to try on occasion. In fact, the greatest reward is finding an inexpensive wine that provides delight - whether it is because of the wine itself, the company, setting, food or even the weather. It is usually a combination of all these things.

But inexpensive is a relative term and wine is complicated. I am sure there are enough people on the French Riviera (permanent and transient) who enjoy wine and have a thirst for both it, and knowledge about it, for the RWA to offer a service that will be both popular and hopefully provide enough for me to survive!

Wish me luck, and please spread the word if you can!


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