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29th April 2021

EN PRIMEUR 2020 - Diary Day 9


Up north today to the wonderful properties of Pauillac, and a couple to its north.
A stellar line up in store

With Christian Seely to experience the notable difference between Tourelles and Les Griffons, as well of course as Pibran and the Grand Vin and to retaste one of the few (of this vintage) superstar Sauternes

Nicolas Glumineau - entirely fairly - describes his wine as ‘A mix of the energy of 19 and the seriousness of 16’

Helène Genin showed me not just the blockbuster 2020s, the Grand Vin of which is really like a monster still very much in a cage, but also the current commercial releases, including he utterly delicious Forts 2015, and the GV from 2013, which is a triumph for the conditions

The never-less-than-lovely Emeline Borie is always a treat to talk to, and helped explain to me several of the vintage questions that have been fermenting in my brain, as well as a classic wine that has been fermenting in her chai.

Charles Thuillier is a commensurate host and he and Jean-Charles Cazes are obviously incredibly proud of their startling new winery. And, after more than four years in the making, a bit relieved too. It’s simply the most astonishing space devoted to wine.

Mathieu Bessonnet introduced his first solo vintage, and what a thing it is. Rich and lush, it’s very P-C and not very PC at the same time.
Then, a truly Tesseron-Touch par excellence, the provision of a haut-de-gamme Burger Truck! About which all of Bordeaux is talking. And quite right too. Delicious!
Fortuitously ran into an old friend, Chris from BVS. Excellent to break bread talk wine with, as always.

Vincent Bache-Gabrielsen is working wonders at both Pedesclaux, and near-ish neighbour, and perennial, favourite Lilian-Ladouys. In the ascendancy, both.

A rare treat a personal tasting with the erudite and charming Jean-Emmanuel Danjoy of the whole range. And what wines they are. Julien de Beaumarchais de Rothschild popped in to say hello, but more I think because he may have decided on the 2019 label. Wasn’t telling me though!

Dominique Arangoïts is a reserved and quite quiet man, but underneath the calm exterior you can sense barely contained price and excitement at the 2020 wine.

No day can be a bad day if it ends at Montrose, and Marie Guyonnaud took me through the wines and a discussion of St Estephe in general which lifted the spirits for the slightly curfew-bashing drive back to the city.


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