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28th April 2021

EN PRIMEUR 2020 - Diary Day 8

Into the Médoc to see how Cabernet fared in this atypical vintage.
Easing in via the mechanism of Margaux where the Merlot still has a chance to shine bright in the blends.

Always a favourite, and this year with some big news, the purchase of extra vineyards so prestigious that some of their fruit made it into the Grand Vin from the start.

Philippe is justly proud of his trio of wonders (two of) which ably demonstrate that Cabernet had just as much potential on the left bank, in the right - and gentle - hands.

News here too with a lovely addition to the stable - Tour du Mons from the north of the appellation.

Simply wonderful to be able to taste with old friend, and new MW, Tracey Dobbin. Lovely classically-styled wines.

Claire Villars-Lurton talked with me with her customary shining enthusiasm about sustainability and biodynamics. She arrived and left on her bicycle. Me in a 4.2L petrol engined car. I felt so, so bad. As ever the wines shone as bright as her smile.

The always affable Lucien Guillemet must be one of the most hands-on château owners in Bordeaux, and was bottling when I arrived. These wines express their terroir so, so well.

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