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27th April 2021

EN PRIMEUR 2020 - Diary Day 7

My second day on the Rive Droite and almost exclusively with a Pomerol-flavour. And what a flavour from 2020. The spring time rains kept the ground water high enough to sustain the vines throughout the very hot growing season - well at least they did if there was some clay in the soil. And of course, where this is most the case is Pomerol where the wines are of a class beyond.
Jacques and Fiona were both there so this was a supremely memorable start to the day! Well, what day wouldn’t be when it starts at Le Pin..?
you could listen to Omri talk so eruditely about what he is so manifestly expert in for more hours than any programme would allow.
There is definitely something certan about this, and that is that they have done it again.
New owners (although they haven’t come far) new label, new bottle, same class. Supremely excellent timing to take something over..!
Marielle is a little bit self-effacing and a delight to talk to, but under her care, the property has never done better.
For a taste of just how well the left bank can do, as the family Delon wines were all on show, with yet more proof - as if it were needed - that Clos du Marquis is not - and has never been - a ‘second wine’. None of which played second fiddle, so to speak, to Nenin itself, which is another example of how well Pomerol fared last year.
JP MOEUIX in Libourne.
Their only dilemma, it seems, was in which order to show the quadruple of greatness that is Trotanoy, La Fleur-Pétrus, Certan de May and Bélair-Monange.

I think it fair to say, ‘pas mal’…


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