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21st April 2021

EN PRIMEUR 2020 - Diary Day 1

To the city centre to taste the Sauternes and some of their dry wines with Sylvain Boivert of the Conseil des Grands Crus.
A difficult vintage in 2020 for Sauternes where it rained heavily at the end of September. As ever though, some stars shine. Some properties elected not to make a first wine (or wine at all if nature was particularly cruel.)

The development of less sweet wines (as low as 85g/L) and of course the battle for what to call the dry wines (Sauternes Sec or Graves or Bordeaux) will be interesting to follow over the next few years.

This afternoon to taste the range of Bernard Magrez at Château Pape Clement, always an immaculate and beautiful property to visit

Reds in general looking amazing from the long warm dry summer. Balance and freshness to accompany the power.

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