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31st October 2020

Lafon Rochet 1990 - Time to drink the good stuff like there’s no tomorrow* #19

Sometimes - as long as fruit is remaining - there is a magic to old Bordeaux that explains its enduring mystique and celebrity. As it is here. 1990 was a warm vintage (and hard to believe thirty years ago!) and many of the more sumptuous wines have already lost their structure and fruit and are drying out. Not so the truly great and Cabernet-heavy northern Médoc wines, such as St Estèphe.

Lafon-Rochet is dependably reliable, but hardly in the upper-echelon (in either fame or price), but this has the perfect balance of the beeswax satin-varnish of age to juicy fruitiness, which somehow tastes sweeter as time goes on, while not going ‘raisiny’ in the process. The tannins have completely subsided to a briary, smoked coffee bean, pipe-tobacco and dried spice framework.
Compelling and delicious.


Работа в Перекрёстке Казань [JefferySof, 2nd March 2022]

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