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29th March 2020

Time to drink the good stuff like there’s no tomorrow* #10

Barbeito Boal 10 Year Old Reserva Velha
Madeira, 19%

Ah Madeira. My desert island wine (and probably therefore my desert island). I cannot think of a single thing to dislike about this island’s finest wines.

This 10 year old Boal, from the ultra-talented and charismatic Ricardo Diogo of Barbeito, is a textbook example. Rich, sweet even, but without being cloying, buoyed by its wonderful piercing acidity. Aromas and flavours of orange rind, dried nuts, crème brûlée, apricot and spice, it’s at once incredibly complex, and simultaneously absurdly easy to drink.

The palate coating texture reflects the alcohol, but without being in any way ‘warm’, and it slides down the throat like the most perfect medicine imaginable. Which it is.
Christ, I wish I had more of this!


*There might be no tomorrow.


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